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Welcome to our mobile safari service, come with us as we trek of Botswana's wild lands from National parks, Game Reserves and Wildlife Conservation areas all across Botswana, showing you why we are one of the very few best safari destination in the entire World and Africa. Visit The Okavango delta, the World's largest inland delta and a World hiretage site, with a wide distribution of species makes Botswana a very excellent wildlife destination.. The Okavango gives you an outstanding safari experience with its unique diversity of species range from aquatic birds, big Mammals ( elephants, Giraffe ,Buffalos, Hippos and antelope as well as Prides of lions) With over 550 recorded bird species.

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Our expedition includes Game drives, Mokoro Excursions,Walking safaris, Boating Excursions, Scenic Flights, Camping Safaris Guided Self–drive Safaris.
See some of our destination below:

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Located in the Okavango Delta and is home to the big five. It is very excellent for game drives safari and offers more wildlife sightings ranging from big mammals elephants, hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalos, Antelopes, Lions, Leopards, some rare and endangered species like African wild dogs, Rhinos, Kori Bustards, Herons, Stocks, Eagles and a wide range of plants.

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Botswana’s biggest reserve and is situated in Kalahari Desert. Its habitat support the variety of animals found in greener destinations. The diversity of wildlife in this areas attracts a large number of predators making sightings for lions and other predators easy.

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Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

An ancient super lake and has some of the largest saltpans in the world. On dry season it looks lifeless but After good rains the ancient Super lake transforms completely, the new grasses attracting large herds of grazing animals and predators and the water filled pan becomes a safe heaven for flocks of flamingoes , gulls and pelicans.

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels


one of Africa’s most famous destinations. Declared a World Heritage site, The Okavango delta is the photographers paradise. Its diversity of Wildlife species combined with beautiful landscapes are worth visiting. The best and recommended mode of transportation is by Mokoro or Dugout conoe, this Eco friendly approach keeps the Delta wild and undisturbed.