About Us

Reflect Africa Expedition (PTY) Ltd is a Botswana based mobile safari operator.
Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen: https://www.pexels.com/photo/five-zebra-grazing-on-grass-field-2862070/

We are Botswana based mobile safari company, the best choice when it comes to Botswana wilderness safari adventure. Our staff members have years of experience in the industry and this is coupled by their local experience of being born and groomed in this untamed wildlands, this gives our clients breath taking interpretation on how nature works, ecological interrelationships, survival skills as well as history and rich culture of the locals

We know Botswana and we want you to have an unforgettable memory of this beautiful Southern African country. We are flexible, accomodative and very inclusive when designing our packages to cater for all population groups, designed to make your vist to the wilderness's of our beatiful country extraordinary and leaving you planning you next trip back.

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Our partnership with Go Wild Botswana Trust , a nonprofit making organisation doing wildlife and environmental conservation means that being our client you are at the same time a conservation ambassador, We contribute to conservation and some major projects we partner with Go Wild Botswana Trust are:

  • Grassroots environmental education in schools.
  • Wildlife film, Photography and Research for education and international presentation.
  • Climate smart agriculture projects / Carbon emissions mitigation (Tree planting) projects.
  • Predator conservation projects.
  • Human/Wildlife conflicts mitigation project.
  • Conservation of rare and endangered species.


  • Reliability
  • flexible
  • Accomodating
  • Inclusive

For more on this non profit work contact the executive board Secretary of Go Wild Botswana Trust on email : titusmakosha@gmail.com

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels


Located in the Okavango Delta and is home to the big five. It is very excellent for game drives safari and offers more wildlife sightings ranging from big mammals elephants, hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalos, Antelopes, Lions, Leopards, some rare and endangered species like African wild dogs, Rhinos, Kori Bustards, Herons, Stocks, Eagles and a wide range of plants.

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Botswana’s biggest reserve and is situated in Kalahari Desert. Its habitat support the variety of animals found in greener destinations. The diversity of wildlife in this areas attracts a large number of predators making sightings for lions and other predators easy.

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

An ancient super lake and has some of the largest saltpans in the world. On dry season it looks lifeless but After good rains the ancient Super lake transforms completely, the new grasses attracting large herds of grazing animals and predators and the water filled pan becomes a safe heaven for flocks of flamingoes , gulls and pelicans.

Photo by Follow Alice from Pexels


one of Africa’s most famous destinations. Declared a World Heritage site, The Okavango delta is the photographers paradise. Its diversity of Wildlife species combined with beautiful landscapes are worth visiting. The best and recommended mode of transportation is by Mokoro or Dugout conoe, this Eco friendly approach keeps the Delta wild and undisturbed.